Lecture 1. Exporting American Architecture

Lecture 1 | Exporting American Architecture & Lifestyle (1948-58) By focusing on the period between 1948 and 1958, the first lecture provides materials to discuss how the export of American household commodities and cars, under the Point IV program, set a basis for the expansion of a new lifestyle among Iranians. To this end, this lecture firstly addresses the impact of the American technical and self-help aids, such as the home-economy program, on the domestic life of ordinary people in Tehran. Then, it shows a series of illustrations depicted by Iranian architectural journals and popular media from American architectural/interior models in relation to few Iranian cases, to explore how these images constituted a new taste of living among the general public in Iran. At the end, this lecture reveals how the capitalist mode of consumption and production led to the development of a design manual for the construction of new housing typologies in Tehran.

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