Lecture 2. Travelers and Archi-Tourists in the Sub-Saharan Settlement

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Elisa Dainese

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The African City

This lecture tracks multiple travel experiences of architects, artists, and scientists who crossed the Sahara from the 1850s to the twentieth century. It examines the itinerary of their trips, their drawings, and the photographic and filmed materials collected during their trips with a particular attention for the architectural and urban realm. Focus of our study will be the ginna, the Dogon main house, the compound of the Dogon village, the teleuk, or Mousgoum hut, and the family enclosure in the Mousgoum settlement. The analysis of travelogue materials on Dogon and Mousgoum architecture will allow us to question the process of construction of the colonial image of sub-Sahara and introduce notions of otherness. The lecture will also provide insight into the results of the colonial booty on the places visited by the travelers and the increasing presence of tourists in the region.

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