Main architects in The Río de La Plata and their work – Re interpretation of Catalan Modernism during the middle of the 20th Century – Two examples in Uruguay

This second lecture explains the main architects’ lives and works who developed their jobs in Buenos Aires, Rosario and Montevideo. They were Francisco Roca I Simó who worked in Rosario, Santa Fe, Julián García Nuñez who worked in Buenos Aires and Buigas I Monravá whose work was developed in Montevideo, Uruguay. Who were the people that asked them for new buildings and what were their needs. These architects’ relationships with Spain and how do they interact with the Spanish community in The Río de la Plata. The lecture also introduces the ´40s and the 60´s Río de la Plata and Latin American Architecture Global Modernist´s influences. During this period there were two architects that stood up in the Río de la Plata because they gave a new meaning to Modern architecture. They took Catalan Modernism concepts and mix them with Modernist concepts to create their architecture. They were Antonio Bonet Castellana and Eladio Dieste. Both of them had a strong linkage with Barcelona, specially Bonet who were born there.

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