Lecture 2. Archaeology and the Settlements from the Neolithic to Bronze Age

We know very little about Neolithic and Bronze Age architecture in East Asia. Many regions were not under centralized governance yet during this period, thus the lack of permanent monumental construction. Housing, often built with temporary material, and often succumbed to the lapse of time and easily vanished in repeated redevelopments during the following eras. The life and history of this remote past survived only fragmentally in legends and artifacts. In recent years, archaeological discoveries added some more substantial evidences to the early settlements throughout East Asia. Interpretation of the pre-historic era in East Asia has been an important and contentious issue since the late nineteenth century as Japan, Korea, and China sought cultural legitimacy over one another. There have been famous incidences where archeologists have planted false evidence in archeological sites to prove that their country was the earlier founder of civilizations.

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